Combination of storage items


The storage bags of With a touch of Rose are real eye-cathers in the nursery. You can store the diapers in the diaper bag. In the pyjama bag, for example, the pyjama.

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The diaper bag of With a touch of Rose forms together with the pyjama bag a contemporary nursery accessory. The diaper bag is a handy trendy storage bag for diapers. Hang it next to your changing table and you always have a clean diaper within reach. Moreover, this diaper bag is also very suitable for storing toys. So even if you do not use diapers any longer, you can still use the diaper bag.

The pyjama bag is a multi-functional product. It is a storage bag for a pyjama, a cuddle and / or pacifier. A handy storage for all things that better stay in the bedroom. If you just add the toothbrush, your child can go and stay over with grandma and grandpa for example. The handy extra opening beneath the flap allows your child to use the bag quickly, for example to put things in or take it out.

Our warm water bottle bags and sleeping bags are also available in the same color combinations.

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 55 × 24 cm
Beschikbare kleurencombinaties

cc 05 Pink – fuchsia, cc 06 Fuchsia – pink, cc 15 Turquoise – navy, cc 16 Navy blue – turquoise, cc 17 Turquoise – white, cc 18 White – turquoise