Pyjama bag


The pyjama bag is both a storage bag to use in the room and and a stay-over bag. Because of the extra opening, this pyjama bag is also easy to use by your child.

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The pyjama bag from With a touch of Rose is a multi-functional product.

It is a storage bag for pyjamas, teddybeer and / or pacifier. A handy storage for all things that better stay in the room. If you put the tooth brush in there as well, your child can stay-over with the grand-parents. The pyjama bag turns into a stay-over bag.

Because of the extra opening, your child is able to use the bag easily. Together with the diaper bag, the pyjama bag is a nice storage accessory in the room. Also the diaperbag, warm water bottle bag and sleep sacks with and without sleeves are available in the same color combinations.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 32 × 25 cm
Available color combinations

cc 05 Pink – fuchsia, cc 06 Fuchsia – pink, cc 15 Turquoise – navy, cc 16 Navy blue – turquoise, cc 17 Turquoise – white, cc 18 White – turquoise, cc 23 Melange – white, cc 24 White – melange, cc 27 Kaki – green, cc 28 Green – kaki