Fairtrade cotton

Why Fairtrade Cotton?

The Fairtrade concept puts products on the market, for which a fair price is paid in the countries of origin and throughout the chain. Fairtrade allows trade to contribute to development. It focuses on small farmers in developing countries. The purchase of a product made with Fairtrade Certified Cotton like the products of With a touch of Rose enables the improvement of working and living conditions of Cotton Producers in developing countries and encourages environmental protection.

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Max Havelaar and People, Planet, Profit

The Max Havelaar trademark for Fairtrade is the only standard that covers the ‘ Triple P ‘ of sustainable development-People, Planet, Profit-completely. Through a guaranteed fair price, the trade mark creates space for economic development and environmental improvement and social progress. This makes the Fairtrade system a unique model with the highest standard for sustainable development. On the website of Max Havelaar you can read how they are committed to sustainable development, eg. by stimulating cooperation, ensuring viable wages, fair prices, stimulating organic farming and, of course, preventing child labour.

How does this certification work?

The organisation that ensures that everything is being done in a ‘ fair ‘ way is FLO-CERT (Fairtrade Labelling Organization International). FLO is an independent international certification company. The licenses that FLO issues give consumers a guarantee that they will contribute to the socio-economic development of people with the purchase of certified Fairtrade products. In The Netherlands, Max Havelaar is the organisation, that issues the Fairtrade mark. The entire chain of With a touch of Rose is Fairtrade certified. Our FLO-ID is 19869. The certification mark on a product can only be obtained if the predecessor in the chain is also certified. Check our page about India for more information about our chain.

Use of the Max Havelaar logo for Fairtrade

The products that carry the Max Havelaar logo are brought to the market by companies that are licensee of the Stichting Max Havelaar. These companies have a FLO ID. In addition, the products can be found in the product database of Max Havelaar. This database can be searched by anyone. Licensees are periodically audited to verify that the company is lawfully dealing with the label. FLO and Control Union work together to ensure that these checks are carried out effectively.

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