With a touch of Rose

Large burp cloth


These large burp cloths are double-layered and made from left over fabrics. That ensures unique products. They are also extra large, so they offer more protection to your clothes. There are 2 wipes in 1 wrap.

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Every child is special and deserves the best care. That is exactly our thought as well. Therefore at With a touch of Rose we design special products with care. Like our large burp cloth, that is made of left-over Fairtrade organic cotton

How do we do that?
Did you know that for every production run, the factory produces 5% extra cotton. And that that cotton disappears into stock? Well before it is being disposed, we take it out. And we give this cotton a new live. The result is a unique product: per color combination there is only a limited edition.

The cloth is large. Therefore they offer more protection to your clothing.

All of this makes our large burp cloth very special. How unique do you want to have it?

This is the shape op the burp cloth:

Additional information

Weight 115 g
Dimensions 40 × 25 cm
Beschikbare kleurencombinaties

blue tones, neutral tones