Combination of pink


This combination of pink consists of a pink blanket, a pink sleep sack, a pink diaper bag, pyjamabag and warm water bottle bag. Everything you need for your little one to sleep tight..



This combination of pink consists of the following articles:

The blankets of With a touch of Rose are knitted in a nice cable and can be used for a long time.
They are 100 x 150 cm. Double folded they can be used as a crib blanket, just as a bedstead blanket. The blanket can also be used on the toddler bed. And as a plaid on the couch

For children it is nice to have a sleep sack in bed. The sleep sacks from With a touch or Rose feel very soft and are therefore very comfortable for your child. Because of the elastic bands in the waist the sleep sack stays in place very well, even with children who discover all sides of the bed. Moreover, the sleep sack ensure a constant comfortable temperature during sleeping:
The sleep sack size 70 cm can be used til your child is 70 cm long, that is, directly from birth til your child is 6 to 8 months old.
Size 90 cm can be used til your child is 90 cm long, i.e. up to about 2 years.
And finally size 110 cm can be used from the moment your child is about 21 months old.

A handy trendy storage bag for the diapers, that is the diaper bag of With a touch of Rose. Hang it next to your changing table and you always have a clean diaper within reach. Together with the pyjama bag, the diaper bag is also a contemporary nursery accessory. The pyjama bag is a storage bag for pyjamas, a teddy beer and / or a pacifier. A handy storage for all things that can stay in the room better.
If you add the toothbrush, the bag can be used as a stay-over bag.
The extra opening under the flap allows your child to use the bag quickly, to put stuff in or take it out.

The warm water bottle from With a touch or Rose is a practical product. The warm water bottle bag consists of 2 layers of cotton and is, like all other products, made from 100% organic (GOTS) and Fairtrade (Max Havelaar) cotton.

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Additional information

Available sizes

70 cm, 90 cm, 110 cm


with sleeves, wthout sleeves