Below you find an overview of the news items that recently have been on the English home page.

Hello Poland!
Hello retailers in Poland, BBTB will introduce our products to you at Kids' Time in Targi Kielce. Do visit their booth 4-D from February 23th till 25th. So come by and feel the softness of the products and see their multi-functionality. In case of questions, please do contact BBTB or us.

New product: a very special burp cloth
Large burp cloth With a touch of Rose introduces the must-have for every parent: an extra large burp cloth.
It is not just a cloth: it is made of left-over Fairtrade and organic cotton. How that works?
For every production run, the factory produces 5% extra cotton. That cotton disappears into stock. Well before it is being disposed, we take it out. And we give this cotton a new live. The result is a unique product: per color combination there is only a limited edition.
Furthermore the cloth is extra large. As such they offer more protection to your clothing.
Take a look here for more information and the color combinations.

Fairtrade Week
Fairtrade Week The Fairtrade Week takes place from October 29th till November 6th. This means extra attention for Fairtrade products. Throughout the country a lot of activities will take place.
During this week CooZaa and Fairfriends offer a 20% deduction on all products of With a touch of Rose.
And With a touch of Rose offers the possibility to win the new product via social media. So keep an eye on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Mama=Green challenge: products of With a touch of Rose in the spotlight
duurzame babykamer During the Mama=Green challenge an office has been transformed to a trendy babyroom by Annemarie Federer and Yannique Cappon. They used our blanket, sleeping bags, warm water bottle bag and diaper bag for this unique make-over. Take a look here for the short version.
At our YouTube channel we created a special play-list to feature this make-over, including the complete make-over movie and the reaction of Kirsten and Rafael.

Review sleeping bags With a touch of Rose
sleeping bag The CooZaa Shop uses parents to test products they sell. Their feedback is being published at their website. The last months our sleeping bags have been tested by parents.
Their reactions were only positive: the fit, the colors, the finishing etc. Just the size seemed smaller.
That is because at With a touch of Rose we look at the length of the child. This means that your child can wear size 70 cm until your child measures 70 cm (or a little bit more). The size 90 cm can be worn until your child measures 90 cm. After that comes size 110 cm.
Look here for the complete review.

Looking back at Negenmaandenbeurs 2016
Sling At With a touch of Rose we look back at a very succesfull fair. Not only many parents (to be) got acquinted with our products, but we also had visitors who quickly stepped by to buy the next size of sleeping bag or more "doedoe-kjes", because they like the product.
Furthermore the blankets had a lot of attention and the sling was often tried and taken along.
Every day Anne-Rose gave the Mama Masterclass "Easy 2 Carry with Rose". This Masterclass gave the visitors clear guidelines for wrapping the sling and carrying their baby. More importantly, it gave the possibility to try the slings and discover that it is Easy 2 Carry.
Look at our facebook page for an impression from building the stand till dismantling it.

With a touch of Rose presents a Mama Masterclass at the Negenmaandenbeurs
Masterclass Last year Anne-Rose presented a Mama Masterclass at the Negenmaandenbeurs. The title: 'How to use a sling?". This was a very succesful Masterclass. Therefor also this year Anne-Rose will give this Masterclass every day at the end of the afternoon. She will explain in a clear way how to tie the sling and how to carry your baby. And yes, you can it try it yourself as well. Check here the schedule of the Mama's Masterclasses.

With a touch of Rose will be at the Negenmaandenbeurs in the RAI
Tickets for 'Negenmaandenbeurs Also this year With a touch of Rose will be present at the Negenmaandenbeurs. We will be at stand 08.123.
Of course we are part of the Pure Baby Plaza. This is the place to be for all parents(-to-be) who want to learn about a sustainable live.
Get acquinted with our products, feel them and of attend the demonstrations and try the sling yourself.
This year we will even have more and better special prices, because we want to make space for new products in 2016.
We love to see you at the fair from Feb 24th till Feb 28th.

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